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C O C O Donuts is two girls, Candice Tielemans & Chloé Sengier. Two girls with both a passion for food, travels and entrepreneurship.
Truly, the idea of C O C O was born in Sydney, Australia where the girls both spend some time while the fuss around those round sweet and delicious pastries was at its best!


Candice has a real interest in organic agriculture and got the opportunity to be part of some really cool organic projects in Australiaand learn how to eat healthy and preserve the earth.


Chloé did her Masters in Integrated Marketing Communication at the University of Technology of Sydney, Australia.She got the chance to work in the best agencies such as We Are Social and Havas Media down under.


They both united their skills to create an unique Donuts experience in Belgium and this is how COCO donuts got started. We all know what a donut is, but C O C O Donuts is quite different. The girls wake up every morning really early to offer a Belgian experience of the gourmet donuts. They have innovated in a unique recipe made of local and/or organic ingredients because they care about the environment we live in. But it is also about fighting against those popular misconceptions of the traditional American donuts. So truly, you can’t say you’ve eaten a donut until you’ve tried a COCO donut!


One last thing, ‘C O C O’ is the two ‘C’ for Chloé & Candice and the two ‘O’ are meant to be seen as DONUTS!

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• 36, Rue Sainte-Anne, 1000 Bruxelles

Lun -Dim : 10.30 – 18.00 (if not sold out)  
Terrasse : oui

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